Guidelines for Oral Presentations

We recommend all speakers to pay special attention to their presentation time.
We opt this year for a single track of “lightning talks” that would be a good model for creation-type events like ours. Our aim is that the presentations would articulate in a dynamic, insightful and clear manner.

The duration of your presentation depends on the type of your paper:
- Each presentation for Long Papers should take 10 minutes maximum, leaving 5 minutes at the end for questions from the audience (15 minutes in total).
- Each presentation for Research Notes should take 6 minutes maximum, leaving 4 minutes at the end for questions from the audience (10 minutes in total).
Please prepare your slides by using a 16:9 screen resolution and be available by the room at least 10 minutes before the start of your session in order to copy your files to the PC that will be provided for presentations. You may also use your own PC if you have slides with special requirements.
Please note that there is also the possibility to present a long paper or a research note as a poster. If you choose to present your paper as a poster, you should inform us the latest by June 24th.

Guidelines for Poster Presentations:

The posters will be presented during the coffee breaks at the foyer. Posters that are associated with demonstrations will be installed next to their attributed space. You are kindly invited to print your posters before attending MOCO’16. The maximum length of posters should not exceed the 150cm height by 115cm width.


All submissions should be PDF and use the MOCO’16 template – adapted from ACM SIGCHI template. Please note that the “Author Keyword” and “ACM classification keywords” are mandatory. 

Guidelines for ACM Copyrights - LateX Template

-Open the file "sigchi.cls" with an editor such as Notepad.

-At line 1524,

Paste the appropriate copyright statement here. ACM now supports three different copyright statements:\\
$\bullet$ ACM copyright: ACM holds the copyright on the work. This is the historical approach.\\
$\bullet$ License: The author(s) retain copyright, but ACM receives an exclusive publication license.\\
$\bullet$ Open Access: The author(s) wish to pay for the work to be open access. The additional fee must be paid to ACM.\\
This text field is large enough to hold the appropriate release statement assuming it is single spaced. 
\textcolor{red}{Every submission will be assigned their own unique DOI string to be included here.}

From “\toappear”, keep only the line corresponding to the desired copyright. 
-Compile again the Latex file.

Authors can submit a demonstration proposal in addition to any paper submission by adding the Demo proposal form as supplementary material to their submission. They have to provide the demo proposal form with a link to a video about the work. The demo proposal form is mandatory for all demo submissions and must include technical set-up and space requirements.
Maximum Poster Size : 150cm height & 115cm width
Online submission: All submissions must be made through the Open Conference System (OCS)
All submission must be anonymous and will be peer-reviewed. The MOCO proceedings will be indexed and published in the ACM digital library.

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