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The vision of MOCO'16 is to gather academics, practitioners and the large public, interested in the phenomenon of the symbiosis between the human and the creative process, e.g. dancer-digital medias, musician-instrument, craftsman-object etc. This symbiosis takes the form of an interactional and gravitational relationship, where the human is both a trigger and transmitter connecting the perception (mind/environment interaction and cognition), the knowledge (theoretical understanding of a process) and the gesture (semantic motor skills).

The aim of MOCO'16 is through the complementary experiences of the organizing institutions on the key elements of perception, knowledge and gesture, to elucidate the intersection between «art, cognition and technology» by «unlocking» hidden components of the human creativity.

The invited keynote speakers are Prof. Catherine (Kate) Stevens, from MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development at Western Sydney University and Prof. Frederic Fol Leymarie, Goldsmiths, from the University of London.

A registration is required for the Plenary Sessions of MOCO’16, which cover the following topics:
- Movement in Digital and Performing Arts, which focus on the use and interaction between arts and movement in the following domains: music, dance, song, graffiti, painting etc..
- Technical and Craftsmanship Gestures, highlighting the importance of gestures in the professional context, whether technical or cultural.
- Interaction, Communication and Design of User Experience, which put the emphasis on gestures and movement as interfaces between humans and machines.
- Analysis and Modelling, centred on the use of mathematical, statistical or methodological tools for a better understanding of gestures and movement.

On Wednesday, 6th July the Organizing Committee of MOCO'16 would like to invite you at 7pm (free entrance) to the performances of STOCOS and Ideasmos as well as the Artistic Installations and Demonstrations at the Thessaloniki Concert Hall. Moreover, MOCO'16 will have the pleasure to exhibit the work of guest-artist Esmeralda Kosmatopoulos "Fifteen Pairs of Mouths" who has re-created this piece of art for the symposium.

The WholoDancE Workshop “Dancing with technologies: interact to learn, analyse to create” is a satellite of MOCO’16 and is organized by the WholoDancE EU funded project under Horizon 2020. It will focus on how whole-body interaction technologies can enhance the process of dance learning and can support creativity.

MOCO'16 Programme:

Day 1: Tuesday 5th July

Day 2: Wednesday 6th July


Satellite Event:

WholoDancE Workshop: Thurday 7th July